What Are The Four Eye Emergencies?

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Eye health emergencies can arise suddenly and without warning. Knowing what constitutes an eye emergency can save your vision. At Mountain Brook Eye Care in Birmingham, AL, our expert optometrist is here to help you understand and handle these urgent situations.

How to Handle an Eye Emergency

If you find yourself or someone near you facing an eye emergency, the first step is to stay calm. Do not rub or press on the injured eye, as this can cause further damage. Avoid attempting to remove any objects that are stuck in the eye. Instead, seek professional medical help immediately. Our team at Mountain Brook Eye Care emphasizes that quick response to eye injuries can prevent long-term damage and ensure the best possible outcome.

Common Eye Emergencies

Several types of eye emergencies require immediate attention:

  • Sudden Loss of Vision: This can indicate a serious issue, such as a detached retina or stroke. Immediate medical evaluation is necessary.
  • Foreign Objects: If an object like metal or glass penetrates the eye, do not attempt to remove it. Cover the eye with a rigid shield without pressing it against the eye and go to the emergency room.
  • Eye Trauma: Anything from blunt force playing sports or a wreck to being shot with a nerf bullet, the eye needs immediate assessment of ocular structures to rule out serious damage.
  • Chemical Exposure: If chemicals splash into your eyes, rinse them with clean water for at least 15 minutes and seek emergency medical care.

Benefits of Regular Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are crucial, not only for updating prescriptions but also for preventing potential emergencies. Routine visits allow our optometrist to detect early signs of conditions that could lead to severe complications. Early detection and treatment can significantly decrease the risk of permanent vision loss.

How to Avoid Eye Emergencies

Preventing eye emergencies is key:

  • Wear protective eyewear when involved in sports or working with hazardous materials.
  • Ensure that your living and work environments are well-lit.
  • Follow guidelines for healthy screen use to avoid digital eye strain.
  • Keep up with regular eye exams to monitor the health of your eyes.

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Dr. Jeremy Edgerly

Dr. Edgerly has been actively practicing optometry since 2012 in a family practice setting. He is confident in his ability to accurately diagnose, treat and manage conditions of the eye and local structures. He attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham and earned a Bachelor of Science. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, he enrolled in the UAB School of Optometry, where he earned a Doctorate in Optometry. There, he received specialized training in ocular diseases, contact lenses, pediatrics, and refractive and cataract surgery co-management.

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