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Professional Eye Care Services & Products

Mountain Brook Eye Care offers the best in both eye care and eyewear. Our professional eye  care includes complete eye exams and treatment for diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration, ocular injury, refractive error, and various binocular vision conditions. Our lenses are tailored precisely to our patients’ measurements, correcting the smallest misalignments for maximized comfort. To further ensure your comfort, we offer transition, polarized, UV and high-intensity light-blocking, anti-glare, and more lens options. Our eye care center also provides the best glasses fittings with the highest quality products, including luxury lines, so you can be sure your glasses suit your needs and your aesthetic.

  • Ultra-wide field imaging of your eye with the Optos Monoco.
  • Neurolens has the ability to relieve you from digital eye strain.
  • When fitting your glasses, OptiKam allows us to tailor them even further.

Additional Information

  • Optos, Inc. manufactures state-of-the-art ultra-widefield (200°) retinal imaging equipment used to collect fast, painless pictures of the eye. At Mountain Brook Eye Care, our equipment is the Optos Monaco. Not only does it collect an ultra- widefield image through a nondilated eye, it doubles as an OCT. This is extremely useful for managing and monitoring a number of eye diseases.
    • Optos, Inc. state-of-the-art ultra-widefield retinal imaging.
  • Neurolens technology diagnoses the smallest misalignments between your eyes with objective, accurate, repeatable measurements and then, with contoured prism technology, brings the eyes back into comfortable alignment.
    • Neurolens diagnoses the smallest misalignments between your eyes.
  • Optikam takes more personalized measurements of your frames for a more customized fit of your lenses.
  • Digital Lane allows for an efficient yet precise refraction.
Professional Services
Luxury Frames with the Highest Quality Materials
  • Titanium and Surgical Steel
  • Gold and Silver
  • 100% Cotton Acetate
  • Horn and Wood-Rimmed Frames
Some of the Luxury Brands We Offer.
  • Ic! Berlin
  • Sospiri by Ottica Veneta
  • Tom Davies
  • Götti
  • Kirk & Kirk
  • Thierry Lasry
  • Ørgreen
  • Entourage of 7
  • Numerous European Styles
  • Independent Luxury Brands
  • Glass Lenses
  • Numerous Tint Colors for Your Style
  • Polarized, UV Protection
Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Our exams are extensive but we will provide screenings for numerous eye conditions and diseases.
  • Asymptomatic/risk-free adults, 18 to 60 years, should have exams every two years; after age 61, exams should be annual.
  • Patients at risk for complications or visual problems will need more frequent exams and re-evaluations.
    • Diabetic, hypertension, or family history of ocular disease
    • Occupation with high visual demands or eye hazards
    • Wearing contact lenses
    • History of eye surgery
    • Medication with ocular side effects
    • Other health concerns
Contact Lens Fittings and Assessments
  • Being properly fitted with contact lenses involves a thorough diagnostic examination and patient training for lens wear. After the initial exam, there will be a follow-up office visit before releasing the prescription to ensure the patient’s expectations with the contacts lenses were met: clarity, comfort and consistency.
Pediatric Eye Health Care
  • Asymptomatic/Risk Free child should receive comprehensive eye exams at six months of age, three years of age, before first grade and then every two years.
  • Children with a risk of vision and eye development problems may require additional testing or more frequent re-evaluations.
Emergency and Medical Eye Exam