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Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses are a wonderful option for many people looking to expand their vision correction choices. The contact lens fitting process ensures your contact lenses fit properly and comfortably while providing clear vision. At Mountain Brook Eye Care in Mountain Brook, Alabama, we are committed to fitting accurate comfortable lenses and offering proper lens care instruction so you can be happy with your contact lens-wearing experience.

What is a Contact Lens Fitting?

A contact lens fitting is obtaining a prescription to wear contact lenses custom for your eyes. You will be trained on proper contact lens insertion, removal, and care techniques.

How Long Does an Eye Lens Fitting Take?

An initial fitting and training can last 25-50 minutes, depending on how quickly you can master the insertion and removing skill. You must return for a follow-up visit after trying the contact lenses for a few days before your official prescription is released.

What Happens During a Contact Lens Fitting Appointment

A proper contact lens fitting begins with a conversation between you and the doctor. The doctor assesses your ocular surface health and vision correction needs. Then, you will be trained to properly insert, remove, and care for your contact lenses.

If you are trying contact lenses for the first time, you may be a little nervous about whether you can do it. Learning how to insert and remove contact lenses is not always easy. However, if you are motivated and truly want the benefits that eye contact lenses provide, we can help you through the unnatural sensation of placing a foreign object, the lens, on your eye. 

You will then be provided sample trial lenses f to ensure good vision and comfort in the real world before committing.  The doctor will release your prescription at an in-office follow-up assessment if the lenses meet your expectations and fit correctly. After that, you can order an annual supply.

How Often Do You Need to Have a Contact Lens Fitting or Assessment?

We recommend you schedule a contact lens fitting or assessment appointment once a year unless otherwise directed by the doctor or if you experience changes in your vision or develop another problem.

Please remember, it is not wise to wear just any contact lens. Every eye is unique, and your eyes may require certain parameters or materials for a healthy, consistent fit of your contact lenses. Also, contact lens technology is advancing and evolving rapidly. Most older lenses have significant limitations. A successful contact lens fitting exam will consist of the doctor and patient working together to find the best fit for them. You can tell that your contacts are correctly fitted when your lenses can be characterized by the three C’s: Consistently Clear and Comfortable. 

Who Can Wear Eye Contact Lenses?

Maybe you have heard of people claiming they can’t wear contact lenses. If you’re worried that you might be one of those people, it’s good to know this is a case-by-case decision based on several factors. You can determine whether contact lenses are right for you by talking with your eye care professional and going through the trial period. 

Fortunately, as soft contact lens technologies continue to evolve, many people who were under the impression that they couldn’t wear contact lenses can now wear them. Even children can wear contact lenses. They are excellent for sports, outdoor activities, myopia (near-sighted) management, and more.

Why Choose Mountain Brook Eye Care for Your Next Contact Lens Fitting?

After fitting soft contact lenses for over a decade, our doctor at Mountain Brook Eye Care has decided only to offer quality options suited to our patients and their needs. Before fitting contacts, it is important to address any underlying ocular surface problems that could potentially limit your contact lens-wearing experience. Healthy eyes and quality lenses are the best combinations.

Interested in Trying Out Contact Lenses?

If you want to give contact lenses a try, please contact us at our office in Mountain Brook, Alabama. We will schedule a contact lens fitting and get you started on the process!