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In a world where digital screens are central to everyday life, addressing the unique challenges associated with prolonged screen time is crucial.  At Mountain Brook Eye Care, we’re dedicated to providing solutions that aren’t just a quick fix but contribute to your long-term visual health and comfort. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Neurolens, a groundbreaking advancement in eye care technology designed to alleviate the symptoms commonly associated with digital eye strain and minor eye misalignments.

What is Neurolens?

Neurolens is an innovative approach tailored to address the challenges of eye fatigue. It adds an extra element to the glasses prescription intended to do more than just clear the vision. In today’s world, where electronic devices are integral to our daily lives, many individuals suffer from symptoms associated with viewing digital screens. Neurolens is a revolutionary treatment option in your glasses proven to relieve digital eye strain by correcting small misalignments between the eyes. 

    How Does The Neurolens Measurement Device Work?

    The Neurolens Measurement Device (NMD2) analyzes eye alignment during multiple viewing situations. The eye alignment can vary in magnitude with a change in viewing distance. The ability to measure even the smallest misalignments and the technology to correct them with glasses can reduce the number of symptoms associated with digital eye strain, also known as digital vision syndrome.

      What Symptoms Can Neurolens Help Address?

      Neurolens has shown promise in addressing a range of vision-related symptoms. Many users have reported significant improvement in conditions such as:

      • Eye fatigue
      • Eye strain
      • Dizziness  or motion sickness
      • Headaches
      • Light sensitivity
      • Neck and shoulder pain
      • Dry eyes
      • Digital eye strain
      • Symptoms related to prolonged screen exposure

      When viewing digital devices, aligning the eyes where they need to be versus where they naturally want to be can trigger any of the symptoms listed above. Neurolens’s efficacy is of particular importance in today’s digitally-dominated environment, where our eyes are continually exposed to screens.

      How Is The Prescription For Neurolenses Determined?

      Neurolens prescriptions are determined by the doctor after reviewing measurements taken with the NMD2 device. The Neurolens value is an additional element meant to alleviate varying magnitudes of misalignment between the eyes for different viewing distances. For example, the alignment when looking at the computer may be different than when looking at road signs. This Neurolens value is added to the traditional glasses prescription. This allows us to not only clear the vision but also address misalignments triggering unwelcome eye strain.  This is all determined during a comprehensive eye exam.

        How Are Neurolens Glasses Different From Regular Prescription Glasses?

        While standard prescription glasses correct refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, Neurolens goes a step further. These glasses address the misaligned eye issue, which is a common reason behind digital eye strain and related symptoms. By offering a solution that corrects these minute misalignments, Neurolens ensures not just clear but comfortable vision, especially during prolonged digital device use.

          How Long Will It Take To Adjust To Neurolens Glasses?

          The timeline for experiencing relief varies among individuals. While many Neurolens users have noticed improvements in their symptoms within a few days,  it can take up to two weeks. Consistent use is key to maximizing the benefits and experiencing prolonged relief from eye strain and fatigue.

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          As technology advances, so must our approach to maintaining optimal eye health. Neurolens, with its innovative approach to addressing eye strain and related symptoms, is a testament to this advancement. We are committed to providing only the best for our patients. Experience the future of optometric care today. Contact Mountain Brook Eye Care, where Dr. Jeremy Edgerly can provide expert recommendations based on your unique visual profile.